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What size Vanity top should I Order

Vanity top Dimensions are determined by Vanity Cabinet size and whether or not the cabinet is against a wall(s). If the Vanity top is not against a wall(s), dimensions typically run one inch over the Vanity cabinet length and one deeper that the cabinet depth. Vanity cabinets come standard in one of three depths, 19”, 21”, and 24” with 21” being the most common depth. For example, a 30” X 21” vanity cabinet would take:
- Free standing: 31” X 22” vanity top
- Against 1 wall: 30 1/2” X 22” vanity top
- Between walls: 30” X 22” vanity top ( Exact dimension between the walls )
These are simple guidelines. Non-standard depths and lengths are available for an additional, and sometimes substantial, extra cost. Non-standard depths are much more costly than non-standard lengths.